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Vijaya Nuclear Scans And Therapy

It is one among the best full fledged nuclear
medicine facility available in India.

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Opening Hours

Multi purpose GE gamma camera with tomography and whole body scan option

  • Monday - Friday
    8.00 Am - 6.00 Pm
  • Saturday
    8.00 Am - 6.00 Pm
  • Sunday

Nuclear Therapy Ward

It is a special therapy ward meant excusively for nuclear medicine / Radioisotope therapy
for specific cancers and non cancerous conditions.

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Vijaya Nuclear Scans & Therapy!

Welcome to our Nuclear scans & Therapy. Unit of Life saving services

It is one among the best full fledged Nuclear Medicine facility available in India. It has well advanced Dual Head Gamma Camera with Tomography and whole body imaging facility with good ambience, and lush green environment this unit is located in the ground floor occupying 3000 sq ft area. It is very convenient for any patient especially elderly and the terminally ill ones to alight straight from the vehicle directly to the scan room easily without any discomfort.


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If any Enquiry

For any details about our services or doctors. Call Now : (+91) 99418 14763 | 99522 24123 | 97898 16226 Mail to : vijayanuclearscans@gmail.com